General ophthalmologists- Share Lasers- Don’t Buy?

February 26, 2009

Is your Argon/YAG laser broken, or are you considering buying one? Considering how YAG rates for PCO¬† and laser reimbursements in general have fallen, maybe it’s time to consider sharing a laser among your colleagues, or asking your ASC to buy one so you could, say, dedicate one afternoon a week- perhaps after you finish surgery- to do all your laser work. I suppose the only drawback is when one needs to do an emergent PI, but many of us would rather try to do the PI the following day anyway after a night of pilo, pred forte and other glaucoma drops when the cornea is clearer. Anyway, I rarely see acute angle closure- I can hardly remember the last time I saw it, and I don’t think it’s worth the expense and hassle of owning lasers for that. My lasers are still working, but when they break, I am thinking long and hard about sharing.




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