Patient With Toric Lens Implant, Corneal Transplant and YAG Laser Treatment

November 2, 2010

In March, 2010 I had a Toric Lens implanted in my left eye. Since I have Fuchs Dystrophy, I also needed to have a corneal transplant, which I had done in May,2010.  My vision did not improve as well as the doctor expected.  I still am experiencing blurry vision.  My vision went from 20/70 to 20/50.  I had the YAG laser treatment done in Sept. 2010.
Still have had little change in the clarity.  I am on 2 different drops. One in the morning and one in the evening.
I am reluctant to have the other eye done which also is in need of cataract and corneal replacement.  What is the length of time after surgery that one can expect to see more clearly so that I can have the other surgery?  The doctor said that everything looks great with my corrected eye.  I think that the doctor is baffled too.  Can you please give me some input? Is this a relatively common problem?  How soon after one surgery does the other eye usually get done?




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One Response to “Patient With Toric Lens Implant, Corneal Transplant and YAG Laser Treatment”

  • ari

    if you had a conventional corneal transplant, it takes almost a year to stabilize the vision. if you had the more modern dsaek, it should take about a month.

    i think the standard of care for fuch’s is dsaek, but it is only performed in the more urban settings by relatively few doctors. i suggest strongly that for the next eye, you have it done by a doctor who can do this kind of surgery. it would be worth the trip, and your local doc can do the post-op care, which luckily is practically zero.

    if your cornea is crystal clear, make sure the astigmatism has been evaluated. if the astig is not the issue, consider an oct (Optical Coherence Tomography) of the macula to rule out any subtle disease there, like Cystoid macular edema.