Which is Better to Lower IOP – Travatan vs. Lumigan vs. Xalatan

October 21, 2010

A study compared Xalatan/Timolol combination to Travatan and Lumigan/Timoptic combinations. The Lumigan combination lowered the IOP the most (1.7 more than Xalatan, 0.7 more than Travatan). I dread getting an earful from the drug reps about this…




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10 Responses to “Which is Better to Lower IOP – Travatan vs. Lumigan vs. Xalatan”

  • ari

    the difference is typically 1 or 2 points

  • A. Cosgrove

    After almost a year on Travatan Z, it has proven ineffective in lowering my eye pressure. My ophthalmologist originally prescribed lumigan, but my insurance wouldn’t cover it! Now, I have been prescribed lumigan and will see how effective it is in a month!

  • ari

    lumigan and travatan are very similar, but yea- i guess you have to buy the drop that feels the best

  • M. J. Kane

    I used Xalatan for over a year without significant eye pressure reduction. My doctor changed me to Lumigan and pressure remains at 10 or below after two years of treatment. Now my insurance company wants me off of Lumigan and on to Travatan. I did try a sample from my doctor for a month and irritation is too much. Lumigan continues to cause me no problems. Guess I will have to bite the bullet and pay the big price for using a non-preferred drug. Insurance company also said there is a generic for Lumigan and everything I read says there is not.

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    typically there is little difference

  • Derrick Harding

    The price of lumigan is doubled. The company recommrnd that I use xalatan. Will I be at a disadvantage? the research shows that reduced the IOP i.7 to xalatan 0.07.

  • Debanjon Mukerjee

    you always have to keep in mind about the best efficacious drug to delay or halt the progression of glaucoma. and of course there is not a single study which can prove the superiority of travatan or xalatan over lumigan. even now the hypermea and the skin hyper pigmentation also taken care by lumigan 0.01%

  • Debanjon Mukerjee

    yes doctor. lumigan really showed superior iop control over xalatan and travatan. even in the in clinic experience, doctors agree this.

  • ari

    of course all studies are flawed, and each drug rep makes sure to point out the flaws of a study that makes his drug appear inferior. that’s his job- cant blame him!
    but im not sure what you mean when you say this is not how an ophthalmologist treats glaucoma. are you suggesting we dont give combination drugs, and we dont care which one might be better?

  • Drug rep

    I am a drug rep, but I haven’t bothered wasting my breath talking about this study. It is flawed and does not represent how an ophthalmologist would treat glaucoma.