What is Treatment for a Diabetic With Macular Edema?

October 9, 2010

I have been diagnosed with diabetes II that is controlled by diet and exercise (blood sugar readings are low (94-120 fasting).  About every 6 months, O.S. shows some edema/leakage via tomography and kenalog (steroid) is injected.

Any explanation for the macular edema despite the low levels of B/S readings?  A1c is 5.8




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One Response to “What is Treatment for a Diabetic With Macular Edema?”

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    even well-controlled diabetics can get retinopathy. reason is probably that the blood sugar does indeed get slightly high and is not being caught at the exact moment your blood is being tested. it’s still much better for your eyes and health for your sugar to be well-controlled, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol which can also contribute to retinopathy, but it’s no guarantee you won’t get retinopathy and require treatment.