What Is the Treatment for a Broken Capsule?

October 7, 2010

I suffered a broken capsule, and am wondering what the consequences are, and how it is treated.




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One Response to “What Is the Treatment for a Broken Capsule?”

  • ari

    breaking the posterior capsule happens to every surgeon, and occurs more frequently with higher risk cases (large/dense cataract/psedoexfoliation/small pupil). often, the surgeon recognizes it in time and can manage it and the patient gets an excellent outcome as if it never happened. sometimes, thats not the case,and part of the cataract falls through and needs to be retrieved by a retina surgeon,or a regular implant cannot be implanted and an anterior chamber lens one is implanted instead. those lenses are also excellent, and typically give just as good vision as standard implants. recovery time is typically longer when the capsule breaks.
    anyway, i dont know if you had any of these complications. ask your surgeon. if he feels confident that all will be well, then trust him and take your drops- again, majority of cases where capsule breaks the patient does very well. if your vision is not improving after, say, 6 weeks, and you are not satisfied with your surgeon’s explanation, you may just want to get another opinion.