Does It Make Sense for an Ophthalmologist to Do Refractions?

October 10, 2010

I have been forced to see more patients per hour due to fee cuts, and I therefore simply do not have the time to do refractions. I now give all my patients a letter explaining this, and I advise them to see an optometrist, or they can pay me $100 for a refraction (very few take me up on that offer). I explain to them that a refraction is not necessary if they are satisfied with their vision. I must say, practicing has been so much more enjoyable. I realize now how frustrating refraction had become for me. The vast majority of my patients understand my predicament and do not give me a hard time.  A few do and require more explanation.




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3 Responses to “Does It Make Sense for an Ophthalmologist to Do Refractions?”

  • Agreed. The interests of patients are more efficiently and effectively served when each of the O’s is able to perform their primary duties.

  • ari

    it is remarkable how utterly brainwashed people are- they truly think they have to check and change their glasses prescription every 1-2 years. in my letter, i explain that it cannot hurt the eye if they wear old or “wrong” rx. i tell them that personally, i have not checked or changed my glasses in 10 years. i like to ask them- “if you have a car that’s running beautifully, do you trade it in for a new car or keep the old car?”
    those with union benefits are annoying- they get free glasses every 2 years as per their benefit, and they want new glasses!! those without benefits, as you say, can be grateful for the money saved.
    it’s funny- just a few minutes a go, a patient to whom i gave one of my last prescriptions came for a visit and complained that the new rx is no good!!!! i checked it in my lensometer, and it doesnt match what i wrote. now i have to battle it out with the optical store. yeesh.

  • I absolutely agree. I have also taken this approach for the last seven years and never looked back. Most of my patients appreciate the fact that I am actually saving them money as they are not paying for something they may not need.