What Are Treatment Options for Fast Growing Retinoma?

October 6, 2010

I am newly diagnosed with a very fast growing, unilateral retinoma that is without/little calcification but epithelial growth.

The ocular oncologist currently assumes that it is benign, but may be in the process of malignant transformation.  A biopsy will not be performed due to interocular concerns.  I am having monthly retinal imaging with a full followup with the oncologist in 5 months.

This tumor was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago by an opthamologist during a routine eye exam.  It has remained unchanged until after I had Lasik eye surgery in April of this year.  I have since been experiencing transient vision loss, double vision, and retinal migraines, none of which are being attributed to the retinoma.

I understand that a retinoma in the process of malignant transformation is rarely reported in the literature, especially in adults.  I just had my monthly retinal imagining that showed “marginal growth but not significant enough to report”.

My query regards the course of treatment, as I am extremely uncomfortable with the conservative “wait and see” approach.  Are there any therapies that are aggressive without enucleating the eye?




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5 Responses to “What Are Treatment Options for Fast Growing Retinoma?”

  • ari

    could not tell you- i have no experience with these rare tumors. you are simply going to have to rely on his judgement, and/or get a 2nd opinion from an eye cancer specialist. perhaps pics can be sent if you live too far from 2nd opinion.

  • R. K.

    So now, a year and a half later, the basal measurements have slowly been increasing but there was a large jump, past minimums for intervention, in elevation of the tumor.

    He still does not have a diagnosis but three differentials, an astrocytic hamaratoma, retinocytoma and a glioma of the retina. He finally admitted that there was indeed calcification, ordered an immediate MRI and has orderd me to come back in 3 months for another MRI and examination.

    He contends that these are benign tumors, all though have malignant transformation possibilities, but why the sudden growth and the frequent need to move from 6 month appt to 3 month with MRIs?

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    your symptoms are very worrisome. you should see a eye cancer specialist immediately.
    i wonder if you really have a retinal glioma. i think you mean optic nerve glioma.

  • Patient

    It has been over a month since I posted and I still do not have a firm diagnosis. Apparently, he changed his preliminary diagnosis to Glioma of the Retina, but he still has not released his report.It has been 3 months since seeing him.

    I have a deep boring pain right behind my right eye where the tumor is. My corneal abrasions are increasing due to the proptosis. I am on Tramacet and just finished a round of antibiotics as I had a growth protruding into the roof of my mouth underneath the tumor. My cheekbone/eyesocket around my right eye are numb and tingly and today I noticed that it was spreading to my tongue.

    I live in a remote community and access to medical care is difficult. I requested my file over a month ago, with no answer. Do these recent symptoms indicate a progression or concern with the tumor? Please help.

  • ari

    While i would have confidence in the ocular oncologist and follow his advice, you can always get a second opinion from another ocular oncologist. Since I have not examined you and thus cannot provide medical advice, it is reassuring that you’ve had the retinoma for 20 years, and nothing happened. I don’t think this mass will respond to chemo or radiation- it can be excised, but that seems way too risky, as it may very well hurt your vision. But again, please get a second opinion if you are not comfortable with your current oncologist’s approach.