Are Superior Iridectomies Suboptimal?

September 26, 2010

It has been noted that some patients are symptomatic from laser iridectomies that are placed superiorly, even though we have all been taught to place them there due to its position under the lid.  The thinking is that the tear film acts as a prism and that light is reaching the iridectomy. Furthermore, a very small iridectomy can diffract the light and make symptoms worse. A small study demonstrated that a temporal position is better. Go figure!




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2 Responses to “Are Superior Iridectomies Suboptimal?”

  • ari

    temporal trabs? um…not yet!
    i spoke with a dr. podell- he’s been an ophthalmologist for 40 years, and he tells me he always does temporal pi’s and never had a problem, precisely because of this issue. so, i’m sold.

  • Podos

    I think Podos’ fellows do temporal iridectomies. I’ve never done one and never had a pt complain. The key thing here is ” A small study ”
    Are we going to do temporal trabs ?