Can Stem Cells be Used to Treat Optic Nerve Damage?

September 6, 2010

I am a 38 year old African American Female, and currently under the care of a retina specialist in St. Louis, Missouri. I was involved in an automobile accident on 5/13/2009 which caused me to lose my sight in my left eye. I was the driver and on impact I was struck in my left eye by the sun visor. After having surgery to remove the blood, I was told by my retina specialist that my optic nerve was badly damaged and due to this damage unfortunately I won’t regain my sight. After several follow up visits it was mentioned that with technology advancing there is talk of “stem cell” treatment for optic nerve damage. I would love to see again out of my left eye and was hoping with today’s technology that would be possible. Please advise on any help that could be available to me. Thank you.




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88 Responses to “Can Stem Cells be Used to Treat Optic Nerve Damage?”

  • Jainendra

    I am 37 years male ,non diabetic,I was on ATT for nine months, Now suffering from loss of vision in both eyes due to drug induced optic nerve neuropathy for iast five months, Is the stem cell treatment can help me. Kindly suggest what to do,

  • Christine Welch

    Where in the USA are they performing stem cell for optic nerve damage.
    Also with more than one injection. In India the patient receive injection and 12 cc in each eye three times within six days.
    Otherwise one injection is useless .
    I have spoke with people that received the one injection and they had vision at the most for 15 minutes. Then nothing, needed more injection but the the facility in florida is a rip off, plus the patient receive one injection. If the patient received more the vision could have been restored

  • Vineela Mavuri

    Hi All,

    It is a great pleasure to know about you. This is regarding an accident case recently happened to my brother. He met with an accident recently and doctors told his optic nerve got damaged & can not get his vision back. But when we search in internet we have got some different treatment for this. i would like to know whether it can be curable thing or not. Hope i will get some response to this.

    Kindly respond to this with some solution. I will be grateful if you could reply me.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • John

    Hi I am a 38 and live in the UK. I was a rear seat passenger in a rta when I was 16 and have optic nerve damage Due to this I ended up going through the rear window. My visibility is 5% /20% left I do have central vision in my left eye. I’ve never searched the Internet for a cure for my sight problems until now, I was always told “it is permanent” .. looking atall your comments some of which are very very similar to my eyesight problems and have happened in a simular way.. Especially the Lady starter of the thread and Stacey! I also have double vision.. Is good to hear from all you guys and hoping to hear of something that will make a difference for us all. Any advice would be great I would be willing to fly out to the USA it seems it’s where a lot of the best research is coming from x

  • Hello, my son’s birth was diagnosed with a fatal ” osteopetrosis ” we stopped the disease and fighting for life in Israel at the clinic hadassha but our disease prvela to atrophy of the optic nerve !!! whether it is possible something to help my son ??? It would want that he saw and lived a full life. my son is now 1 year and 3 months

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