Restor vs. Rezoom vs. Crystalens-Help!

February 26, 2009

What is an ophthalmologist to do? It seems every IOL manufacturer and every surgeon swears by one over the other, regardless of what the data shows, which seems to favor Restor. Personally, I don’t think I would want Restor or Rezoom in my eye- the idea of dealing with halos and hoping my brain can seamlessly prefer one image over the other seems too risky. But Crystalens’s data looks pretty poor when it comes to close reading- I don’t care what those Crystalens surgeons say. I am looking forward to the NuLens from Israel which promises almost 8(!) diopters of accomodation- sign me up for that! What do others think? How do you handle dissatisfied patients- do you return their money? Do you refer them elsewhere if the IOL has to be replaced?




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4 Responses to “Restor vs. Rezoom vs. Crystalens-Help!”

  • bev

    I had the crystalens put in in Dec. and it did not work for up close vision. It only worked for distance which is getting worse every day. I now have to have my left eye done and I am considering putting in the up close regular lens that insurance pays for. This is scary as it is permanent. I am trying up close contacts in the left eye to see if I can tolerate it.

  • roncarter

    I had ReStor lenses implanted in both eyes approximately 2 years ago and would NEVER recommend the lens (based on my experience). I have had two LRIs since the initial implant surgery, two YAGs, and I am now scheduled for a vitrectomy. The major problem is waxy, cloudy vision. My ophthalmologist pushed this lens as a miraculous technological development that would eliminate the need for glasses for reading and distance–well worth the $3k cost. Medicare would have covered the cost of a single vision lens. I have since met several people who had a distance lens implanted in one eye and a close-up lens in the other with excellent results and no complications–and no additional cost beyond what Medicare pays.

    Too late for me, but I would caution anyone considering an IOL to investigate the latter option.

  • ari weitzner

    the nulens does sound promising, but i have a bad feeling it will take longer than 2011.

  • Eeckhaut Erwin

    Normally last week I should receive IOL from Acrysof ReStor. I looked around to find comments on the lenses and found out that halos and less contrast were one of the negative aspects. I hesitated and cancelled the operation. The reason was that NuLens is much more promising . So I contacted NuLens in Israel to find out more. It is impossible to get their implants now , I just asked when I could be in the run for their IOL. They do test cases in spain and germany, but very limited, so I have to wait until beginning of 2011, and will ask if there’s a possiblity to have those implants. I will wait and see but the NuLens is very promising and I’ll wait for the best. Until then I will wear my doublesight spectacles.