Does the NuLens IOL Represent a Breakthrough in Cataract Surgery?

August 28, 2010

One our contributors, Dr. David Richardson of San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, recently wrote up a review of the NuLensĀ® IOL from Israel on his blog entitled “NuLens IOL is No Optical Illusion.”

Dr. Richardson states that the NuLens IOL promises to allow cataract surgery patients to achieve a return to the same vision they enjoyed as teenagers. Dr. Richardson explains that unlike existing IOL’s on the market such as Crystalens, NuLens is made of a flexible silicon gel that uses the eye’s own muscles to push against the lens. Because the NuLensĀ® is a truly flexible lens, it has the ability to produce a wider focusing capacity compared to other rigid and flat intraocular lens, and offers the prospect of better contrast, fewer aberrations and ghost images, and a better range of vision from intermediate (for activities such as cell phone dialing) to near focus (for activities such as reading the phone book) without negatively affecting distant vision (as with driving or watching TV).

Read Dr. Richardson’s full review.




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6 Responses to “Does the NuLens IOL Represent a Breakthrough in Cataract Surgery?”

  • ari

    nulens may be a long way off before approval- not sure if worth the wait, as in its present state, it is not a viable option- too large (requires a bigger incision) and it is placed in the sulcus, not the bag which we all prefer.

  • Paul

    I was close to having cataract surg and Crystalens replacement, but am postponing to do additional research. Is Nu Lens approved for US? If not is it available overseas and where? Safety? Effectiveness? Thank you.

  • ari

    iol’s do NOT distort vision. if you feel your vision is distorted, there is something else going on, and for sure, changing your implants wont help. if your surgeon cannot get your vision to 20/20 (or close to it) undistorted in the office, ask him why (most likely its your lasik), and if he cannot explain, get another opinion.

  • doreen schleifer

    SIgn me up! where can I get this lens? I have single vision lenses in both eyes (6 months now) and I HATE the vision- it is totally non-functional. 20/100 in left eye and 20/50 in right eye for distance only. No mid or near vision at all and bifocals are not really working well. Vision is so distorted, I am discussing having them removed all together but my surgeon keeps on assuring me he will keep doing surgery until it is right. he says the current lenses are perfect. I have had 2 YAK procedures and LASIK and now he wants to do PRK. This has been a totally traumatic experience. I am 50 years old and I need my mid and near vision to work. My vision before catarats was 20/20 thanks to LASIK 15 years ago.

  • ari

    thats in the breast only. we have been implanting silicone implants in the eye for decades.

  • Belinda

    I thought there were now safety concerns about implanting silicon?