Are IOL’s No Better Than Contact Lens in Treating Infantile Aphakia?

July 25, 2010

An article in Archives compared contact lens wear to IOL in babies undergoing monocular cataract surgery. In a testimony to the excellent extended wear contact lenses we have today, IOL showed no benefit. When I was a resident, I never would have believed it- parents could hardly get the babies to wear those things. In fact, the IOL group was worse off as they required more procedures.




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2 Responses to “Are IOL’s No Better Than Contact Lens in Treating Infantile Aphakia?”

  • ari weitzner

    i don’t understand your question- before any study is published, how are doctors supposed to know the results of the study?? this study was published only this month- i would imagine that from now on, most doctors will follow the study’s recommendations. of course, doctors are free to use their clinical judgment and make their own decision on a case-by-case basis.

  • If IOL shows no benefit why doctors are still using this procedure?