What Are Treatment Options for a Patient With Bilateral Vision Loss Due to Swelling Affecting Optic Nerve?

July 15, 2010

I recently had a patient come into my practice (I am a board certified optician in FL) who had inexplicably lost vision bilaterally. It seems that the man’s optic nerve ‘canal’ (his word) had swollen, shutting off blood flow to the eye. This first happened to the right eye, eventually leaving him with virtually no vision (finger count). He then suffered the same issue in the other eye, but has retained 20/60- in that eye. He has been to several “specialists” who have not yet either A) given him a specific root cause (hypertension, diabetes, and a couple other possibilities have been mentioned) and B) he’s been told there really is no help for this, that he could have this happen again, and could lose all vision. So, I came here, as I read this site quite often. Has any one seen this? And/or, the patient and family are talking about ‘stem cells’ and even mentioned the chip technology, but I”m not sure that would have any real efficacy in this case. Any responses would be much appreciated.




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4 Responses to “What Are Treatment Options for a Patient With Bilateral Vision Loss Due to Swelling Affecting Optic Nerve?”

  • ari

    the new york eye and ear infirmary has an even greater reputation.

  • Josh

    The Harkness Eye Institute at Columbia Hospital in New York City is a world class eye institution. Perhaps this patient should consider seeking an appointment with one of their specialists.

  • Dr. Ari Weitzner

    interesting case. as a resident, i saw a patient with paget’s disease with exactly this problem. this patient requires a referral to a world class eye institution.

  • ari

    in paget’s disease, bone growth can narrow and choke the optic canal – i saw that once as a medical student. this patient clearly needs to see medical specialists- not just ophthalmologists- to find out why the optic canals are getting smaller (or is it the optic nerve getting larger?).