Kenalog for Diabetic CSME

February 24, 2009

I am increasingly trying to inject Kenalog first for edema, and then doing the focal laser some time later when the edema has subsided. I think it allows one to do the laser with less energy. Recently, an article demonstrated that Kenalog alone does better in the short term but worse than laser in the long term, so I have not abandoned laser.  Inducing cataract doesn’t bother me much- let’s face it, vast majority will need phaco anyway.  Inducing uncontrolled glaucoma is only a very small risk (vast majority controlled with meds) and is outweighed by the benefit. Have others also been adopting more Kenalog?




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2 Responses to “Kenalog for Diabetic CSME”

  • Dr. Weitzner

    i have no personal experience with Triesence, but it looks like a great product. i meant to discuss it with my asc about stocking it- always forget! dr. uday devgan has a great video on that, as he uses it to show how it stains the vit and how the fluidics pushes everything down to the pars plana as he does his vitectomy from there.

  • Anyone have any feeling about Triesence? Any billing issues?