FDA Approves Softec HD IOL from Lenstec for Treating Cataracts

April 10, 2010

Lenstec, Inc., a manufacturer of implantable lenses, recently announced that the FDA has approved the company’s Softec HD™ Intraocular Lens Implant (IOL) for treating patients with cataracts.

The newly approved Softec HD is part of Lenstec’s “Precision Series” of implantable IOLs designed to make cataract surgery more predictable by reducing the variability inherent in any manufactured lens. When it comes to lenses used for vision correction, variability is defined as the tolerance or margin of error measured by the difference between a lens’ labeled prescription and its actual power.

The Softec HD is manufactured with a tolerance of just 0.125D (diopters), which is up to three times more precise than cataract replacement lenses manufactured under less stringent ISO standards.

In addition to reducing variability, Lenstec’s high-precision manufacturing process makes it possible to produce Softec HD lenses in 0.25D increments for prescriptions from +18D to +25D. In contrast, standard IOLs from other manufacturers are available only in 0.5D increments, which means they can be up to 0.25D out of step with a patient’s lens prescription.

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2 Responses to “FDA Approves Softec HD IOL from Lenstec for Treating Cataracts”

  • ari

    it comes in 0.25 increments instead of 0.50

  • Pat

    I am so confused what makes these better than a normal replacement for cataract surgery?