Scheduling visual fields

February 24, 2009

Assign one day a week to perform visual fields. Firstly, some insurance plans like to deny payment for an exam when performed on the same day as a test or procedure. Who can keep track? Better to simply tell the patient to come back for the visual field test. Also, if you are out of the office on that day in the O.R. or other office, it’s an even bigger plus- it’s bad enough that your office is sitting empty! And since visual fields can be time-consuming, better to have them done when your tech has no other reponsibilities that day.  If you want to get really “creative”, you could then ask the patient to return again to the office to discuss the results and/or check the pressure- that’s an extra billable event. But be careful- some may resent having to return so many times (although it’s interesting- some are impressed that the doctor wants to spend the extra time with them, and don’t mind returning at all!- go figure)




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