Iris-Fixation of IOL With Titanium Clips

January 24, 2010

Some surgeons are just plain brilliant. Tying the haptics to the iris really is no walk in the park. Instead, using a tiny titanium clip from the vascular surgeons, the haptics were easily clipped to the iris using a very simple clipper. Ta-da! Done. This needs to be tried in humans ASAP- almost certainly to be well-tolerated and easier on the eye.




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2 Responses to “Iris-Fixation of IOL With Titanium Clips”

  • ari

    im prety sure it was in archives january, or possibly jan’s ophthalmology

  • Wonderful! Although I do occasionally enjoy the challenge of tying those iris sutures, I would definitely prefer something less time-intensive. Can you direct me to the source article?

    David Richardson, MD