An Overview of New Treatments for Dry AMD

January 2, 2010

In the November 2009 issue of Retinal Physician, Dr. Philip Rosenfeld and medical student John Legarreta  wrote an excellent overview of the current drugs in development or in clinical trials for the treatment of dry AMD.

With about 80% to 90% of newly diagnosed AMD cases being of the dry variety, and with no effective treatment currently in use, it is important to track the developmental work underway in this area. This review was reproduced with the permission of the magazines publishers on my online Journal.

Please follow this link for the complete writeup.




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One Response to “An Overview of New Treatments for Dry AMD”

  • There is hope for dry AMD sufferers
    Checkout the website for TOZAL
    Sign up for the webinar and use the link to the TOZA clinical study.

    Gillian Wilson