Right Eye Does Not Rise, Covered by Droopy Right Eyelid (Ptosis) – Third Nerve Palsy?

February 15, 2009

I am a 32-year old Asian male. My right eye does not rise at all if my left eye is open, and only rises to the midline if I cover my left eye. The right eyelid droops (ptosis) to cover the eye when not raised and I am using my left eye. Previous examinations have indicated a third nerve palsy. If anyone has any further insight, would be delighted to hear it.




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2 Responses to “Right Eye Does Not Rise, Covered by Droopy Right Eyelid (Ptosis) – Third Nerve Palsy?”

  • renee moses

    my son ,age 33, has this exact condition. he has had 2 surgeries to lift the droopy eyelid, but in 4-5 years gravity brings the lid down and we start all over again.

    the diagnosis is the same as yours, a third cranial nerve palsy.

    have you had any luck in dealing with your situation? i keep hoping to hear something about stem cell research!

  • Sounds like a third nerve palsy. Briefly, there are twelve important nerves that emerge from the lower part of the brain, then pass through the bones of the skull to control structures outside the brain. The third cranial nerve controls movement of four of the eye muscles – to move the eye in, up and down (and a clockwise movement known as torsion), as well as the pupil, the eyelid and the ability of the eye to “focus” or accommodate on near objects.

    A third nerve palsy causes loss of movement of the eye up, down, and in, as well as drooping (ptosis) of the upper eyelid. There may also be sensitivity to light due to an enlarged pupil The weakness of the third nerve may be partial or complete.

    Based on the above, third nerve palsy sounds right. Check out additional information on the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus