Endo Optiks Introduces New High Resolution Endoscopes

October 7, 2009

Endo Optiks has launched a new higher-resolution series of Micro-Endoscopes. The higher resolution is made possible by increasing the number of pixels available in the new series of endoscopes by 70%, from the current 10,000 pixels, to the new 17,000 pixel fiber optic bundle.

The new Micro-Endoscopes are designed to provide a better, sharper image and a wider field of view. “We designed the new High-Resolution scopes to help surgeons better visualize the anatomy of the eye,” said Martin Uram, MD, creator of the endoscope and co-founder of Endo Optiks. “Surgeons will find improved visualization when performing ECR (endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation), PRP( panretinal photocoagulation) and diagnostics.”

As each pixel represents a single point of a video image, the new High Resolution Series will greatly enhance the quality and detail of the image seen on the video screen. The new Micro-Endoscopes also expand the field of view to 160 degrees from the current 110 degrees, which allows surgeons to see more, and get a better view of difficult to reach areas of the eye.

The new High Resolution Endoscopes are available in two versions. The Triple Function Micro-Endoscope combines laser, light and imaging and has a 19 Guage Probe. The Triple Function scopes will be available in both Straight and Curved Tips. The Dual Function Micro-Endoscopes combine light and imaging and have a 20 Guage Probe. The Dual Function scopes have a straight tip only.

Source: Company News Release

For a brief history of endoscopy in ophthalmology and the founding of Endo Optiks, please see my writeup of this release and an article written about ophthalmic endoscopy taken from the October 15, 1992 issue of Ocular Surgery News.




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