Systemic Absorption of Sub-Tenon’s Kenalog

September 20, 2009

At one week post injection, traces of Kenalog were detected in the serum after a 40mg sub-Tenon’s injection of Kenalog. None was detected at 2 weeks and later. One should keep this in mind with patients who may not be able to tolerate this systemic effect, like poorly controlled diabetics.




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5 Responses to “Systemic Absorption of Sub-Tenon’s Kenalog”

  • Andrea Norred

    I had a Kenalog injection for cme. The next morning I could only see light and dark.
    Dr said I can’t see on because you can’t see out. Now 6 days out vision is still the same. I am very scared.

  • ari

    are you sure it was sub-tenons and not intravitreal? you should have no floaters after a subtenon’s, but i would expect it in intravitreal.
    it cannot cause macular degeneration.
    nsaid’s have no effect on floaters

  • To treat Cystoid Macula Edema, my retina specialist did a Subtenon Injection Kenelog on Thursday (5/5/11). I have been noticing since yesterday an increase in little black spots in that eye (floaters?). Is this normal? Can it cause macula degeneration? I also was given NSAIDS drops to apply 4 times a day. Could that effect an increase in floaters?

  • ari weitzner

    the kenalog can take quite a while to dissolve- months. thats not critical at all- its more of a nuisance. whats important is that your macular degeneration be controlled, as vision loss from that can be permanent- floaters go away sooner or later and dont cause permanent vision loss. are you receiving avastin or lucentis injections?- those are standard of care, and the kenalog is given in addition to those, not to replace those.

  • Elaine Blair

    I had an injection of Kenalog approximately 6 weeks ago for macular degeneration. I still have floaters in that eye, and am getting concerned as to the long length of time it is taking to dissolve.