Resolvyx Announces Positive Data from Trial of Resolvin RX-10045 for Dry Eye

August 27, 2009

Resolvyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced positive results from a Phase 2 clinical study evaluating RX-10045 in the treatment of dry eye.  In this trial of 232 patients, RX-10045 showed dose-dependent, statistically significant improvement both the signs and symptoms of dry eye, and was generally shown to be safe and well tolerated. RX-10045 is a resolvin administered as a topical eye drop for the treatment of patients with chronic dry eye syndrome.

The 28-day, randomized, multi-center, placebo-controlled study in patients with moderate dry eye patients was designed to evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of the agent administered twice a day. The Phase 2 study examined three doses and measured corneal staining in a stressful drying environment, as well as daily patient diaries.

RX-10045 produced a significant dose-dependent improvement from baseline and improvement was observed in dryness, stinging, burning, grittiness, ocular discomfort and the composite of each patient’s most severe symptom (Worst Symptom Score). RX-10045 also produced a 75% reduction from baseline in CAE-induced staining of the central cornea which was the primary sign endpoint in the study.

RX-10045 is a synthetic analog of RvE1, a naturally occurring resolving and has been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory and cell-survival benefits in laboratory testing.

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