Is Uveal Melanoma Associated with Cell Phone Use?

July 7, 2009

Choroidal melanoma is not associated with cell phone usage says a new study from German researchers. This same group found conflicting results several years earlier, but state that the original group was too small to yield statistically significant results.

This newer study compared cell phone usage between 459 patients with uveal melanoma and a control group of over 1100 participants. Cell phone usage was studied by a questionnaire. No increased risk of melanoma was determined.

There have long been concerns that cell phones, and other radio wave emitting devices, cause cancer. Not only did this study not find an increase in uveal melanoma, but no association was found with usage of walkie-talkie radios, radios, CB radios and the like.




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One Response to “Is Uveal Melanoma Associated with Cell Phone Use?”

  • Interesting! I never really heard that cell phones usage could cause Melanoma but is great to know that in fact it doesn’t. There are options to prevent Melanoma and also to treat it depending on the stage and that’s what the next video is about: