Future Applications of the Femtosecond Laser

June 11, 2009

In the June 10th issue of Ocular Surgery News, Dick Lindstrom relates how IntraLase pursued the dream of making its femtosecond laser the “flap maker” of choice, replacing mechanical microkeratomes in the majority of refractive surgeon’s offices.

He then goes on to discuss some future applications for this intriguing device. As he puts it, “Even more exciting is the probability that the femtosecond laser will find additional applications for the anterior segment surgeon.” He then goes on to mention several future applications, including:

1) The use of the FS laser to replace a trephine in performing keratoplasties;

2) Its use to create intrastromal incisions for treating astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and even presbyopia through the creation of a multifocal cornea (ala Ruiz and 20/10 Perfect Vision); and,

3) Its use in performing cataract removal (LenSx, LensAR, and Optimedica).

However, he left out one other application – that of creating and removing a lenticle for correcting myopia, as I have recently written about (Dr. Shah and Zeiss-meditec).

Dr. Lindstrom concluded with this statement, “It is easy to imagine the ophthalmic surgeon of the future sitting in the operating room at a surgical workstation that includes a femtosecond laser for all procedures. I see an exciting future for femtosecond lasers as their indications expand and they become available to an expanded number of surgeons worldwide.”




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