Does Anyone Use Dodick PreChoppers?

June 18, 2009

Dr. Dodick came up with the idea of using two choppers, roughly 180 degrees from one another and slowly bringing them together at the center to split the nucleus. This reduces phaco time. However, I have never seen it performed on any video out there, and I try to watch a lot of them. Personally, I had a bad experience in my early years when I inadvertently snagged the capsule when placing my chopper out to the equator, so I quickly gave up. I have stuck with divide and conquer, and I use the Ernest nucleus cracker. I recently asked Dr. Ernest at a meeting how he does his phaco and whether he uses it, too. He replied he also does divide-and-conquer, and uses the cracker on all his cases, and he doesn’t even have any financial interest in the gizmo!




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3 Responses to “Does Anyone Use Dodick PreChoppers?”

  • ari

    thanks for the heads-up!

  • Lin Brister

    Dr. Weitzner, I pulled up your very old question and wondered if you ever found any video on prechoppers? I have posted four sections of the same surgery day where we simply video recorded every case and then edited it somewhat. You can see it on YouTube and simply type in my name, Lin Brister,

    Best wishes,
    Lin Brister, MD

  • dk

    I have not although I am very interested in learning this technique. Advantages are that probably works for wide range of nuclei, probably can do this w/out nuclear rotation ( if you cannot achieve good h-dissection), little stress on zonules, blunt instruments.

    There are several surgeons that I am aware that use this. Most recently on OSN, Lin Brister described his technique. Lawrence Brierley from Canada had an article in OSN and choppers he designed. Zirm from Germany. Akahoshi also did a double chopper prechop too. Dr. Gillum from Texas.