STAAR Surgical Announces EU Approval of System to Implant Lenses in Eyes of Patients Whose Vision is Impaired by Cataracts

June 9, 2009

STAAR Surgical Company today announced that it has received CE Mark approval from the European Union for its KS-X Preloaded Hydrophobic Acrylic Injector for use in minimally invasive cataract surgical procedures. The CE Mark allows STAAR Surgical to market this foldable intraocular (IOL) KS-X lens delivery system in the European Union as well as other countries that recognize the CE Mark.

The STAAR system enables lens delivery into the eye through a 2.8 millimeter incision and is compatible with the most commonly used small incision cataract extraction procedures. It is the only preloaded lens delivery system in the world that provides single or bi-manual injection options in one single design, allowing for the smoothest IOL injection methods compared with traditional delivery systems.

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