The Pursuit of Implants to Correct Presbyopia

June 1, 2009

Roger Steinert, delivering the Strampelli Lecture at a joint meeting of Ocular Surgery News and the Italian Society of Ophthalmology in Rome, discussed how three companies working with femtosecond lasers are pursuing the dream of small incision cataract removal to be followed by injection of a flexible lens to restore true accommodation.

“The ultimate goal is injectable flexible lens replacement within an intact capsular bag,” Dr. Steinert said.

According to Dr. Steinert, at least three femtosecond laser technology companies are pursuing this goal. Two of the companies working on this include LenSx (Aliso Viejo, CA) and LensAR (Winter Park, FL). (As soon as the identify of the third company is uncovered, we will report it.)

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3 Responses to “The Pursuit of Implants to Correct Presbyopia”

  • Also, for those of you that might be interested in the history of injectable polymer accommodative lenses and what will have to be overcome before they become a reality, please take a look at a column I wrote back in September 1991 about injectable lenses, entitled: Injectable IOLs are Possible, but not Probable.

    Here’s the link to the posting on my online Journal:

    Irv Arons

  • OK, I am now been able to identify the third company, it is Optimedica (of PASCAL fame). I am in touch with them and hope to have additional information about this potential application shortly.

    Irv Arons