Alcon Toric IOL’s – The Benefits

May 4, 2009

I’m no big, high volume cataract surgeon, but toric IOL’s are a no-brainer. I charge $1,000 per lens, so that’s about $500 profit. You can’t lose with this lens- no halo’s/glare/dry eye etc. to worry about or discuss with the patient. Any patient with up to about 3 diopters should be offered this lens. And i’s really very easy- just mark the eye with this simple marker (your ASC has one, I’m sure) when they’re sitting up, then prior to IOL insertion, mark the eye’s cylinder with the other marker. Insert the IOL like you always do, and line up the dots on the IOL just short of the lines of the cylinder. Take out the viscoelastic, then nudge the IOL with the IA tip a few degrees, and you’re done! Go to the Alcon website to do your calculations for the IOL, and watch a couple of videos.




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